Roofing Expert Hail Repair Hailstorms are no longer confined to specific climate areas – they can develop anywhere and they cause millions of dollars of damage to properties throughout the country. The first thing that most property owners go through when they see the damage caused by hail is a state of shock and many people have no idea what to do when faced with a devastated roof. Here are some ideas to help you:
  • Assess the severity of the damage – when the storm is gone, walk around your building and look up on the roof to identify visible signs of damage, such as roof components that have been removed or broken by the hail. Determine whether you can safely climb up to the roof – if you can, place your ladder firmly, climb up on it and take photos of the damage;
  • Consider mitigation methods – go to your attic and try to salvage the belongings that you have been storing there. If your attic has been also damaged by hail, take pictures of the space as well;
  • Call a roofer – try to find a roof repair expert with Fort Smith roofing companies quickly;
  • Put together your insurance claim file – if your home insurance covers for hail damage as well, contact your insurer or check the insurer’s website to find out about the claim procedure, then put together the file and submit it. You can ask for assistance from your roofer or from your insurance agent.