Storm Season Tips The geographical position of Arkansas makes it vulnerable to being affected by hurricanes that form in the Pacific, but this state also ranks in the first position when it comes to tornado occurrence, being hit by more than 130 tornados per year. Luckily, not all these phenomena have the same intensity and impact, but the history has also seen some serious disasters here: 1900, 1915, 1961, 1967, 1983, 2005 and 2008 are only some of the years that witnessed the power of destructive storms. According to recent studies, the occurrence of storms is higher in the upper coast area (almost 60% of all tropical cyclone landfalls), compared to the lower Texan coast (39%). The most serious threat from storms in Arkansas is from flooding. Even weaker or slow moving cyclones can produce very heavy rains. Other damage aside from flooding: damaged residential and public properties, power cuts, damaged cars, injured people and, sometimes, fatalities. Some companies are forced to discontinue their activity, if transport infrastructure is destroyed, and agricultural activity may suffer too, when the storms hit. Of course, not all storms are strong enough to cause significant damage, but it is good for people to know what they can expect, in order to take appropriate precautions before the storm damage season.  The good news is that is  you can trust a Fort Smith roofing contractor to repair your roof, and even provide the strongest possible roof to endure most storms.