Did you know that some of the roofing leaks you might experience don’t actually come from the roof? A lot of the time, we tend to make the assumption that anything that comes from above is a result of roof damage, typically from a storm. However, there are many cases when the damage doesn’t come from the roof at all.   If you have an older house with an attic and a roof that’s more than 20-30 years old, condensation can be a serious issue especially during the summer. When roofs are older, they can sometimes cause condensation to form due to the temperature differences between the attic and the roof’s various layers. That condensation can build up and lead to leakage later on.  It’s good to note that Fayetteville roofing companies do insulation in the attic and can help resolve any condensation issues that may be occurring.   Another possible cause of leaks has to do with pipes that might go through your home. Some pipes might be installed in an upstairs wall and give the impression that there’s a leak coming from the roof due to water trickling down your downstairs interior walls.   Gutter damage coupled with older windows can also cause leaks that seem to come from the roof. During storms, the damaged gutter system can leak across the exterior of the walls and the water could reach your window. If the window doesn’t close properly, you’ll experience leakage and it could seem like the leak is coming from the roof, when there’s an entirely different problem altogether.