Roofing Company Winter Roof Solutions December in many parts of the country is not only a time for celebration and time spent with our loved ones, but also a period when the weather turns cold, snowy and icy. Both aspects – the approaching holidays and the unfriendly weather – have a major impact on how roofing repairs can be done in December – here are a few things that you should know:
  • Not all roof repair processes are possible in freezing weather – the glues and other adhesives used for fastening shingles and other roof components cannot be used when the temperature drops under 40 degrees and some varieties of asphalt shingles also come with similar limitations;
  • Most roofers are on vacation – roofers might be more difficult to find in December. Start a roof repair project in the last month of the year only if you are faced with emergency, any major repair that can wait for a couple of weeks longer should be postponed until the beginning of the next year;
  • Look for roofers that provide emergency services like those at Richardson Roofing – these roofers are usually to work during the holidays as well, so you stand the highest chance to get your roofing fixed if you turn to them.