Wind Damage Roofing Contractors Solutions Depending on where you live and what the condition of your roof might be, wind damage can become a serious issue. Strong winds are one of the most significant sources of damage that most roofing systems get over the years, and with a roof that’s less sturdy due to constant repairs and wear and tear, it’s quite possible for the next big storm to bring some pretty bad damages to your roof.   Contrary to popular belief, strong winds are not necessarily guaranteed to damage your roof. Depending on the placement of your home, the direction and speed of the wind and any existing problems such as loose flashing or a cracked shingle, wind damage can occur. However, the amount of damage caused to your roof will also depend on the type of roof you own.   Typically, asphalt shingle roofing is damaged quite severely because of the brittle nature of the asphalt. Fiberglass reinforcement can help with that, as can buying a somewhat more expensive and better designed roof, such as a slate or concrete tile roofing system.   Your best choice according to Fort Smith roofing contractors is to upgrade your roof before the wind starts to set in during, for example, the end of summer and beginning of autumn. That way, you not only avoid the aftermath of wind  damage, but also extend the lifespan of your roof considerably.