Thing Spring Roofing Contractor Best Time of Year   Some might think that spring is the best time for cleaning the debris from your roof and/or gutter system. However, this isn’t always true. Depending on where you live, the late fall is actually a better time, as you have to prepare the roof for the cold season and make sure that any storms that come will not affect your roof too intensely.   The main idea here is that leaving the debris on your roof for the winter is definitely not a good idea. If there are a lot of trees in your area, you’ll be dealing with the wind blowing many leaves up to your roof and a lot of animals and pests using your roof as the foundation for their own little homes and nests.   Even if you live in a colder area where the snow would normally hide the debris, it’s still not a very good idea to leave it all there for the winter. When the temperature increases and the snow starts to melt, any leaves, branches and other debris could clog up your gutters and leave a large amount of water to pool on your roof and cause further damage.   Your best choice is of course to clear most of the debris before the winter and then also have a Bentonville roofing contractor conduct a roof inspection in the spring to make sure everything is in good order. That way you’ll have all your most important priorities covered.