Roofs Are A Huge Investment To A Home A new roof system brings numerous advantages, being a great investment for your home. A significant, but important investment that will provide returns. A new roof has long warranty (20-50 years, depending on the materials it is made from) and 70% of the costs can be recuped if you sell your home, or through other provided advantages, such as adequate safety and protection, energy savings and comfort level. All these benefits come if you spend wisely for quality materials and proper installation from a Fort Smith roofing contractor that will last and keep you away from problems, for many years to come. New roof systems are complex and made from materials with significant durability and insulating values, therefore a roof installed professionally, by a professional roofer, with materials from trusted manufacturers, will increase not just the level of protection but also the comfort in your home. In the same time, they contribute to reducing the energy costs, every season. Beyond these returns, a new roof remove safety hazards and the associated risks. It is also likely to be more stable and suffer less damage in the case of an extreme meteorological event. The structure of the building is better protected and so is the indoor space.