Summer Time Roof Inspections Are Important A good maintenance of the roof by a trained Bentonville roofing contractor in your area guarantees its firmness and tightness for many years. In summer, only a few simple actions are needed to make sure everything is in order and the roof will cope with any seasonal storms.
  • Clean the gutters to remove dirt, twigs and leaves. Clean the mold formation with special solution without damaging the tiles. Rip off the vegetation that invades the gutters or threatens to lift up the tiles.
  • To detect any cracks, examine the roof from inside the attic, on a sunny day. Wherever the light penetrates, water will also make its place.
  • Check if the roof framing is not affected by xylophage insects; their presence is signaled by tiny holes in the wood structure, or saw dust on the floor.
  • If you identify damaged tiles, replace them immediately. Changing a tile or filling a crack does not require much experience, only some skills and, of course, prudent climbing on the roof.
  • If you have a metal roof, summer is a good time to consider repainting it.
  • If you have a mansard roof, you should also inspect the attic windows because they are just as exposed to environmental factors as the roof. Do not forget to check the isolation around them because they may allow the most significant air transfers.