Arkansas The climate in Arkansas is humid subtropical, specific to the southeastern United States, featuring hot summers and mild winters. The warmer weather than in other regions can make some people question the importance of insulation, but the truth is that buildings need insulation in Arkansas, just like everywhere else, because energy efficiency is not just about limiting heat loss, but about limiting the air transfer and thus maintaining the optimal interior temperature for our comfort, in every season. Therefore, the benefits of adequate thermal insulation are felt in warmer climates too. During hot summer days, the indoor temperature stays constant, despite the excessive heat outdoors, so the energy consumption for air conditioners decreases. The benefits of a good thermal insulation system do not stop there: combined with proper ventilation, it keeps an adequate level of indoor air humidity, lowering the risk of mold formation. In the long run, the insulation investment will be recovered, there is no doubt about it, due to energy savings as well as added value to your house. An energy efficient house starts from the design and construction phase; however, there are enough technical solutions done by Fayetteville roofing companies that will increase the thermal comfort, even for existing houses.