When it comes to installing new siding there are several important factors to consider, including price, durability, protection from the elements and appearance.


Vinyl or wood siding is usually considered a good option, except neither are overly resilient, and wood is not only prone to fire damage, but can also be heavily damaged by termites and other pests. Vinyl is also less durable, and it doesn’t give you as many options for protecting your home against heat or cold as other types of siding.


Concrete siding, on the other hand, has many important advantages that you should definitely consider before deciding what to buy. You should know that the Fayetteville roofing industry supports the products that provide your home with a sound exterior.  First of all, the misconception that concrete siding is less aesthetically pleasing than wood or vinyl is simply not true. Concrete comes in a variety of textures, designs and colors, so you have plenty of design options to choose from.


Also, concrete siding is highly durable. Often provided along with a 50-year warranty, it is not affected by fire, floods, rain or storms. Its water-resistant qualities also makes it very difficult for rot to pose a threat, and it can keep your home completely protected.


Finally, concrete is durable and highly compact, easily protecting your house from unwanted pests. Warm climates in particular are prone to termites and various other pests, and it is here where most experts recommend you contact a local contractor as soon as possible to get a good offer on a new concrete siding installation.