Metal roofs are made from shingles or larger panels of aluminum, zinc, copper, tin or galvanized steel and they come with all the great benefits offered by these lightweight, resistant and durable metals. The humid, often very harsh and extreme Arkansas climate requires homeowners to pay special attention to the roofing materials they choose for their properties and metal roofs meet all expectations – here are the most important benefits of metal roofing:
  • Longevity – metal roofs last the longest of all roof types. Rated to a lifespan between 40-70 years, metal roofs can withstand moisture, heat and they are resistant to wind as well,
  • Energy efficiency – metal reflects heat, a property that can significantly reduce energy bills in hot periods,
  • Fire-resistance – metal does not ignite, so metal roofs offer increased safety in the case of lightning or wildfires, in fact Fort Smith roofing companies with experience in metal roofing like them for that reason,
  • Lightweight roofs – the materials used for manufacturing the alloys that metal roofs are made from are lightweight, therefore metal metal roofroofs are suitable for being installed on lightweight constructions as well,
  • Easy installation – metal roofs can be fixed on top of the existing roofing, a feature that significantly reduces the difficulty level of the installation as well as the time needed,
  • Reduced maintenance needs – it is recommended to inspect your metal roof at least once a year or after major storms, but metal roofs are made from durable, non-corrosive materials that require almost no maintenance.