Bentonville Winter Roof Repairs Roofing repairs can often be a problem, especially when they were postponed for a while and the required solution becomes more expensive than it otherwise would have been. The thing you have to remember is that every roofing issue gets worse over time, and putting it off will only make the work that has to be done more tedious and difficult.   If that’s not reason enough to stay on top of roof repairs during the winter, it’s important to also know that some weather conditions during the winter can greatly intensify the damage to certain areas of your roof. For instance, the buildup of ice can make shingle and flashing damage worse and lead to leaks that can no longer be ignored at some point. Also, ice dams and the buildup of snow on top of your roof can put unnecessary strain on your roof and home, sometimes resulting in structural damage that will require you to replace your roof entirely.   The biggest reason to stay on top of roof repairs with is not necessarily just money, but also the complexity of the job. A roof repair project that has become overly difficult to complete can lead to issues that only experienced roofers can handle, and unless you hire the best available roofers in your area, you might even need to pay for the repair work twice or more times.  Find some of the best roofing contractors in your area, at