January Is A Great Month

Roof replacement in January might not seem like a great idea in regions that get very low temperatures as well as lots of snow, but in geographic areas where the weather is mild and precipitation is not excessive, the first month of the New Year is just perfect for getting your roof replaced. Here is why:

  • Roofers are not busy – homeowners usually tackle roof replacement projects between early spring and late fall, even in regions that don’t get very chilly winters, which also means that a Fort Smith roofing contractor with expericence has more time on their hands to work on your project;
  • Roofers offer discounts – January being a month without too many roofing projects scheduled, most roofers are willing to accept your replacement project for more favourable rates than they would during busier periods;
  • Permits are easier to obtain – the authorities handle fewer permit requests in January, therefore authorizations are emitted more efficiently.

There is one thing, though, that you need to understand if you are planning a roof replacement for January: the weather will always have the last word, determining what can and cannot be done on your roof, so you need to be prepared that the roof replacement might take longer if there are lots of rainy or cold days in January.